AIM takes Haukiputaa Electricity Cooperative into a new era

Automating meter reading at a utility means significant change to standard operation. Removal readings and readings caused by changes in supplier no longer require a meter reader to visit a metering site. The AMM system also enables remote disconnections and connections of power supply.

Furthermore, data on the electrical network and durations of power outages at a metering site can be obtained from the system.

“We will now have access to more accurate and up-to-date information. And we can offer several additional services. Households, for example, can track their power consumption by the hour. Previously this has only been possible at major sites of electricity usage," says Matti Teräs, Sales Engineer for the Haukiputaa Electricity Cooperative.

“AMM is not only a profitable investment for an energy company – it is also a step towards increased environmental consciousness. It offers future additional services to enlightened consumers who are increasingly interested in tracking and regulating their energy consumption,” states Rauno Leinonen, Sales Director at Landis+Gyr Enermet Oy.

The AMM system is based on a combination of a low voltage network and GPRS communication, and it will cover almost 9000 metering points. Delivery also includes AIM system integration into the customer information systems and the AIM Site Manager application. This tool enables data to be entered into the system while installation and service work are carried out on site.

The AMM system will be rolled-out in stages between 2008 and 2011. Device installations will be done by the Electricity Cooperative’s own technicians; no costs will be incurred to the consumers.

“As installations progress, we will adopt a new billing practice. Customers will be billed for their actual power consumption during the billing period. If they want to, customers may also remain billed by estimates, in which case settlement bills will be sent out, for example, twice a year,” Teräs says.

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Landis+Gyr Enermet Oy
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The Haukiputaa Electricity Cooperative is a network company based in a municipality of nearly 19,000 residents. The area has over 8,000 power consumers. Approximately 140 million kWh of electricity is consumed every year. The cooperative's turnover 2006 was approximately 3 million euros, and it employs 25 people.

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