Landis+Gyr Qualifies Sprint 4G Network for Connecting Gridstream Smart Grid Solutions

Gridstream supports a number of options for connection to a utility’s operations network. The Sprint 4G network, powered by WiMAX, provides utilities with a scalable wireless communications option that offers robust security and quality of service features that exceed competitive network technologies.

“Landis+Gyr is committed to expanding the communication opportunities available to our customers,” said Gina Garner, Director, Gridstream RF Platform. “Sprint’s technology for connecting the smart grid network to the utility’s core infrastructure will allow for rapid deployment in areas where Sprint 4G service has been established.”

Gridstream RF uses a mesh radio network to communicate with advanced metering and distribution automation devices. Wide area networks are then used to transport information between Gridstream data collectors and head-end servers located at the utility or Landis+Gyr’s data center. In addition to strong security, the Sprint 4G network offers flexibility in choosing the class of service for each application and the ability to provide peak speeds over 10 mb per second.*

“With more than 10 years of experience developing communications products in the machine-to-machine market, Sprint is dedicated to cooperative efforts with companies like Landis+Gyr to bring the best technology solutions to work in the smart grid,” said Wayne Ward, vice president of the Emerging Solutions Group, Sprint. “Sprint offers cost effective and flexible IP network solutions for utilities and application developers. We invest in technologies and processes that enable companies like Landis+Gyr to have access to important capabilities unique to our network, such as location and presence, to enrich their applications.”

As the scope of traditional advanced metering initiatives continues to expand, Landis+Gyr is focusing on innovative end-to-end communications solutions for the utility industry. The integration with Sprint represents the next step of delivering a multi-technology network. Sprint's 4G network has been serving customers since 2008 and is available today to customers in more than 50 markets in cities like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Seattle. For additional information on how Sprint’s networks drive Machine-to-Machine and Emerging Solutions, visit

* Average download speeds of 3-6 Mbps


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