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Commercial and Industrial Meters

E650 S4e

The E650 S4e combines elements of simplicity and upgradability for a highly functional polyphase meter that reduces overall ownership costs. Landis+Gyr developed the E650 S4e in response to the industry’s ever-changing environment, with more features, a wide voltage range and self-diagnostics to provide… Mehr erfahren


Key features include:
• KYZ with Programmable Pulse Output Value
• Demand Threshold Alert
• Voltage Threshold Alert
• Diagnostics
• Load Control
• Up to two inputs from external devices
• Pulses input to load profile
• Activate real-time rate
• Optional transformer loss compensation
• AMI friendly


The S4e incorporates 128k of on-board memory storage for load profile, self-reads, and event logs providing an easy upgrade path without the need for an additional option board. Load profile can be configured for up to 15 channels of information from a choice of 24 different storage metrics. The build-a-meter concept provides modular growth in the S4e with software upgrades for time of use, reactive energy metering, transformer loss compensation, and load profile. The meter’s flexibility also enables the addition of any combination of communication and relay option boards.

  • Americas
  • Asia-Pacific

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