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Forward thinking for a long-term partnership

Landis+Gyr has been developing specific solutions for the Rede Group for more than ten years. This was demonstrated through Landis+Gyr’s forward thinking, getting our products and services to our customers before the competition with outstanding quality through superior speed to market, enabling a close partnership.

Landis+Gyr Brazil understood the customer’s needs so well that not only were all expressed demands fulfi lled, but also some needs of which the customer had not thought. Whatever the demands were, Landis+Gyr developed and delivered the perfect solution.

The Rede Group, one of Brazil’s premier utilities, has been a Landis+Gyr customer for over ten years. During this time a strong and solid relationship built on understanding exactly what Rede’s needs were and delivering on them has been forged between supplier and utility.

This relationship has evolved from supplying Ferraris top digital meters, including industrial and commercial, then moving onto more sophisticated platforms for specifi c needs, such as reduction of non-technical losses and the automation of meter reading.

Combating non-commercial losses

The latest tailored solution for Rede in this long line of trust was for Celpa, the largest utility in the Rede Group. In July 2007, Celpa purchased the SPG+M anti-tampering smart metering system. This solution was developed to combat the high level of non-technical losses that Celpa was experiencing and was rolled out to 261,000 consumers, which included 313,000 single phase electronic meters.

This solution has had excellent success for the customer.

The contract will end in 2009 and covers all supply, provisioning, testing and deployment of the turnkey system. Celpa invested 40 million US dollars in the system, placing the Group at the cutting edge of AMI solutions, especially with regards to non-technical losses. This infrastructure investment has modernized Rede’s operations as well as positioned it to combat non-technical losses.

Upgrading the meter park

This, however, is only part of the picture. The level of trust Rede places in Landis+Gyr was demonstrated with the award of a large contract to our company in 2007.

In the past, the Rede Group explicitly used

Ferraris meters, using digital meters only in special circumstances. However, in 2007, the Group took the strategic initiative to upgrade their meters, signing a contract with Landis+Gyr Brazil for the supply of 290,000 digital single and poly-phase meters.

Rede’s commitment

Rede aims to keep up with advances in technology in order to meet its customers’ needs each day. Landis+Gyr is committed to this forward-thinking customer who believes in using the latest technology to achieve energy and operations efficiency.